Anonymous: Can't you just copy the words from the posts you've made of each chapter and save them into another word document?

Yeah but the main thing is the lost words from FUTURE scenes that I didn’t post yet. Those are all on the water damaged laptop :(

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Anonymous: But you'll re-write all those lost words, right? ):

Whatever I can remember :(

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Anonymous: I cry.

I also cry. All those words. Lost forever :(

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I mean I’ll have to rewrite all of it if it’s not recovered. And there’s a lot. And my favorite scenes. And I’m sad.

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Anonymous: I need another chapter of "numb" !

umm well ummm there is some difficulty in that because umm well water got on my laptop and it’s not turning on and it’s going to the hospital tomorrow and like well all of numb is on there and like well um if it doesn’t get fixed i will be very sad. :(((((

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Dear girl whose eyes matches the ocean,
the tides of this life have left your heart broken.
Dear girl whose voice sounds like the trees,
your breath becomes song when wind plays with your leaves.
Dear girl whose hair looks like the night,
as the black curtain rests on your shoulders so light.
Dear girl whose teeth are stained with smoke,
the men of this world are what’s worthless and broke.
Dear girl whose tears are soothing as rain,
they swim down the bath tub and into the drain,
Dear girl whose body was stolen by others,
remember my children will still call you mother.
Dear girl whose smile is hallow and cracked,
her laughter had wandered but never came back.
Dear girl who lives only in dreams,
nothing’s as real as anything seems.
Dear girl who once hung by a rope,
you left me in pieces with nothing to hope.
Dear girl who soon will be known as my daughter,
you’re the one who has turned a man to a father.
You might be known as one or all of the above,
but one thing you will always be,
is the girl who was loved.

Yasser (my brother)  (via aestheticsg0als)

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